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Introduction to all new employees.

History of Robbins Rehabilitation.

Robbins Rehabilitation Culture.

General explanation of physical therapy.

The patient experience.

The current climate in health care: how the patient gets to us and major players in the area.

The Robbins Rehabilitation Clinic Model.

The Robbins Rehabilitation Treatment philosophy.

Assuming is not allowed.

Why are our patients so important to us as a practice?

Checklists: why are they important?

Walk-ins: Patients and everyone else.

Importance of the IE intake process

Scripts: why do we need to stay on top of scripts?

Importance of the Initial Evaluation (IE) Wrap Up.

Explanation of Benefits: Defining copay, co-insurance, deductible.

Internal collections: Importance and phrasing.

Phrasing: How you say things matters.

Patient calls: how to word things with patients.

NPS Scores: An explanation.

Scheduling overview.

The patient schedule and its importance.

Scheduling Medicare patients.

The Cancelation definition, and importance.

Cancellation policy and enforcement: Emergency vs. Non-Emergency.

Cancellation fees and collection: resistance from patients and how we diffuse that.

Rescheduling a patient who cancels.

The discharge process.

Free Screens: An explanation.

Direct Access: An explanation.

Why do we have an active patient tracker?

Patient care responsibilities for the Aide.

Time management: How do you prioritize what you are doing.

How to get coverage if you are going to be out.

Rules for punch-in and punch-out.

ACL Rehab


Laser Therapy

Massage Therapy

Movement Mastery

Nutrition Counseling

Pediatric Therapy

Physical Therapy

Sports Rehabilitation

Vestibular Therapy

Workers Compensation


Back Pain & Sciatica

Chronic Pain

Dizziness and Vertigo



Joint Pain

Shoulder Pain

Sports Injuries