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Michenelle Groller

The staff is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They have the goal of getting you back to “normal” as soon as possible while providing you with the tools to prevent future injuries. I highly recommend this practice to everyone in need of PT!!

Rebecca Oesterle

The whole team at Robbins was just great with special kudos going out to Jay de Jesus.  He knew how to push you but then also knew when to pull back.  I would highly recommend them if you need physical therapy.

Take the Time to Find a Peaceful Mind.

There is an old saying that talks of the body mirroring the mind. This is important to note as your body can be a reflection of your mental and emotional state. Meaning that if your are an emotional rollercoaster and your mental stress is through the rough, then your body will begin to physically break down.

This is where those nagging aches and pains come in. This is possibly your body carrying stress in a certain area and causing breakdown over time and is why it may start off as something small, but a few weeks, months or years down the road is really a big hamper on your lifestyle.

Now, we are not licensed mental health professionals, but there is a large component of emotional/mental wellbeing tied in with the physical wellbeing. This is where we come in. We are indeed movement professionals and things as simple as breathing properly can have quite an effect on both emotional and mental wellbeing.

It is time to sit back for 5 minutes and take a look at where your emotions and mental state are putting your body. There are several things listed below to try, but first identify what it is that seems to be stressing you out emotionally and mentally as this can help you get your physical body back in order.

What You Can Try

1. Deep Breathing

  • Qi Gong or Tai Chi
  • Yoga

2. Mindfulness or Meditation

  • Use an app like Headspace, Omvana or Calm (they are all free and walk you through the process

3. Psychologist
4. Psychiatrist
5. Counselor
6. Financial Advisor (financial stress is one of the largest stressors out there)
7. Ask yourself what you love to do??? Focus on something like this and put in the “ME TIME” to actually go and do it

  • The Arts: music, dance, theatre, painting, sculpting, etc.
  • Outdoors: hiking, hunting, biking, fishing
  • Sports
  • Working on Cars
  • Cooking and Baking

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