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Elizabeth Ortiz

My daughter (11 years old) developed a strange gait and some leg pain during sports practice and games.  We were originally referred to a pediatric orthopedic specialist, but we were quickly brushed off and told that she would “grow out of it.”  We headed to Robbins where Emily Moatz spent an hour watching her walk, testing her flexibility and asking her questions while listening and taking notes.  The Robbins team immediately made a plan to work on her muscle activation and strengthening her leg. For a month, our daughter attended sessions three times a week and looked forward to it every time.  The team (Emily, Heather, Nick, Dan and Mike) always created challenging and engaging activities for someone her age (think obstacle courses and fun races).  Our therapy just concluded and she is feeling better, noticeably walking better and really excited to continue her exercises learned in therapy. If you have children you know that their health is at times even more important that your own and I am so grateful that the team at Robbins cared for her in a way that allowed our concerns to be seen and heard.  We hope to not have to be back soon, but if she needs PT care, Robbins is the only place we will go

Nick Spade

I have been going to Travis and his team for 10 years for multiple sports injuries from soccer and triathlons. They are very knowledgeable, helpful, positive, and always attending new trainings to learn more about their profession and their patients. I strongly recommend going to them for any physical therapy needs.

Physical therapy is a medical service that more people tend to need as they age, although truly anyone can make use of physical therapy under certain circumstances. Whether you are young or old, male or female, you may find you need physical therapy services at some point, due to an accident you suffered or a chronic injury that is getting worse.

Robbins Rehabilitation West is here when you need physical therapy in Coopersburg, PA. We understand that chronic pain or new injuries can be debilitating to your quality of life, and that’s exactly why we care. We want to be the ones to help you return your life to normal. Regular exercise can help to rebuild muscle strength and reduce inflammation and pain.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of physical therapy is that it can be adapted to just about any situation. Different types of physical therapy exist for that reason. Let’s review some of those major varieties to explain just how versatile our physical therapy services can be.

Types of Physical Therapy in Coopersburg, PA

1. Geriatric Physical Therapy

One of the most commonly practiced types of physical therapy is geriatric physical therapy, meant for aged individuals. In general, our bodies break down gradually as we age, although each individual is different. If older people find they no longer wish to live with weakened muscles or limited mobility due to the wear and tear of aging, physical therapy can certainly help. We assist older people to regain strength to the best of their physical abilities, using repetitions of exercises that build up the body again. This kind of physical therapy can make an older person’s arms and legs stronger and even help improve posture and gait.

2. Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Meanwhile, orthopedic physical therapy focuses specifically on injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Those injuries may include ACL tears, rotator cuff tears, and stress fractures. Orthopedic injuries that require surgery often require the patient to rest in bed or a wheelchair or to be on crutches. While the patient is making no use of the affected body part, the muscles can atrophy. It therefore takes expert physical therapy in Coopersburg, PA, to help rebuild those muscles. Through regular strength exercises, a therapist can help these patients to recover their strength fully and get back to normal living.

3. Pediatric Physical Therapy

The last type of physical therapy we are covering here is pediatric physical therapy. Just like it sounds, this kind treats injuries and physical disabilities in children. Those injuries can result from brain or nerve disorders such as cerebral palsy, birth defects, or playing sports. Pediatric physical therapy might involve having the child run around, hop up and down, or use a balance beam. These exercises are designed to be fun for children while also improving their strength, balance, posture, gait, coordination, and motor skills.

Count on Robbins for Your Physical Therapy in Coopersburg, PA

At Robbins Rehabilitation West, we enjoy helping people get back to normal without having to rely on medications or surgery, each of which comes with its own downsides. Our physical therapy in Coopersburg, PA, meanwhile, is designed specifically for you, to get you on track as quickly and safely as possible. Our Coopersburg physical therapists care about each patient’s story and design physical therapy plans based on individual needs. It’s physical therapy of the highest quality.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our many locations in eastern Pennsylvania, and start feeling like yourself again.

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