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Robert DeLong

From the moment I walked in to the clinic I felt welcome. Nick and Nadia were excellent caretakers and watching their interactions with other patients it was clear that they are a fabric of the community! I was rehabbed through a spinal fracture and then separately for a shoulder issue. Each time Nick flexed his vast knowledge of his craft and we worked directly towards results. Highly recommend!

Kathy Law

I have been participating in physical therapy on and off for over a year at Robbins Bangor.  My latest PT was for a post laminectomy and fusion in the lumbar spine.  I honestly can’t say enough about my therapist Nick.  He has treated my back issues prior to and after my surgery.  My time there has made my recovery so much easier than anticipated. Nick has proven to be a great listener and will always address questions and concerns.  He never hesitates to share his knowledge.  I will ALWAYS use Robbins Rehabilitation of Bangor

Physical therapy is amazing in that it can give life and joy back to those who have been injured or had major surgery. At Robbins Rehabilitation West, we have witnessed all kinds of patient success stories over the years. People who struggled to walk, bend over, or sit regained full or increased mobility after working with us and keeping to their regimens. We have heard patients say that physical therapy changed their lives.

Robbins provides physical therapy in Emmaus for all those who need it. No matter your injury or post-surgical condition, we believe this kind of therapy can help to restore your former strength and mobility.

Here are three ways physical therapy can benefit you.

1. Pain Relief

One of the primary functions of physical therapy is to relieve inflammation and pain. The exercises we have patients perform works the joints and tissues in ways that help them to heal. These exercises, along with methods such as electrical stimulation, are also meant to stop the pain from returning. Anyone who has ever lived with chronic pain knows how quickly it can take a toll on the daily activities of your life. Physical therapy is always available to help ward off that kind of suffering. This is one major benefit of our physical therapy in Lehigh Valley or anywhere else you are in eastern Pennsylvania.

2. Stroke Recovery

You may not have thought of this before, but physical therapy can be instrumental in helping patients to recover from strokes. Depending on the degree of the stroke, a person can be left with limited mobility and strength and may struggle to stand or walk properly. However, stroke recovery is possible! And physical therapy is one of the treatments that allows that to happen. Our physical therapists develop exercise plans for these kinds of patients to help them restrengthen their bodies and regain some of their former independence.

3. Injury Recovery

A third significant benefit of Robbins Rehabilitation West’s physical therapy in Emmaus is that it can help patients to recover from debilitating injuries. Physical therapy after a car crash or another traumatic event can be the deciding factor in how well you recover. We usually say that the faster a patient starts physical therapy, the faster that patient can begin healing properly. If let go, some injuries can get worse over time and prevent that area from ever completely recovering. Physical therapy addresses your injuries at the outset and ensures that your body immediately starts working toward recovering its full potential.

Professional Physical Therapy in Emmaus

Robbins Rehabilitation West is proud to help all patients who need us for physical therapy in Emmaus, PA. Whatever your situation, we can develop a therapy plan to ensure you recover from what is ailing you. We take your strengths and weaknesses into account so you are completely comfortable. Don’t suffer in pain after an accident or surgery. Come see us at Robbins Rehabilitation West, and we can work on your recovery together.

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