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Robbins Rehabilitation is a great facility!  I highly recommend them for any type of physical therapy

Denise Halal

I had a great experience at Robbins Physical Therapy.  If you are looking for individual therapy and not just a number, this is the place to go

People of any age can hesitate to begin participating in physical therapy programs that their doctors recommend. Their doubt about such programs could be based on fear, nervousness, or the disbelief that physical therapy can help them.

At Robbins Rehabilitation West, we can say for sure that new patients have nothing to fear or be nervous about when starting their physical therapy in Portland, PA, with us. We are here to help patients get back to normal living again after suffering injuries or having surgery.

Regarding some people’s opinion that physical therapy cannot possibly help them, we say this is definitively untrue. Many new patients come into our facilities thinking they are too weak or are suffering too much pain to complete the exercises we prescribe for them. However, our experience has shown us that determination and persistence can see patients accomplishing feats they never thought they could.

We think it would be helpful to explain in some detail what new patients can expect when they are just beginning physical therapy in Portland, PA. This way, you know you have nothing to fear in starting your physical therapy with Robbins Rehabilitation West.

What Can You Expect when Starting Physical Therapy?

Your Physical Therapist Will Create a Plan

Human medicine encompasses everybody on the planet, but there is still no one else just like you. That’s why, when you start with Robbins Rehabilitation West, your physical therapist will review your health conditions and devise a physical therapy plan that works in your favor. It will take into account your strengths and weaknesses so that you can get the most out of your sessions with us. No one is here to judge what you can’t do. We are here to help you do more.

You May Engage in a Variety of Exercises

Depending on the type of injury or pain you have, your physical therapy plan might call for you to engage in various exercises. The well-rounded approach will ultimately be best for returning strength and mobility to your body. For instance, you may participate in strength exercises alongside activities to improve your flexibility. Or, you might work on functional mobility exercises with cardiorespiratory therapy. Your therapist will ensure everything you do works in concert to achieve the best results for you.

You Will Probably Use Equipment

Whether it’s physical therapy in Portland, PA, or at any Robbins Rehabilitation West facility, we rely on a plethora of equipment to treat our patients. Those items might include resistance bands, dumbbells, balance boards, towels, and therapy balls. Patients can also perform a variety of physical therapy exercises with no equipment at home or even from their beds. As we said, we always tailor our programs to our patients’ abilities.

Start Your Physical Therapy in Portland, PA

We are always here to help at Robbins Rehabilitation West. We take in new patients all the time, and we can say for sure that nothing is stopping you from seeking your physical therapy in Portland, PA, with us. We have seen patients progress from post-op status back to their old, normal selves. It takes some confidence and grit upfront, but we know you can do it.

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