Amanda Robbins

Amanda Robbins

Integration Specialist/Chief Financial Officer

Amanda is from upstate New York, born in a small town outside Albany called Rotterdam. She spent her youth in dance classes and cheering for her High School football and basketball teams. She met her husband Travis in a family psychology class at Ithaca College and they have been together ever since. After graduating with a speech pathology degree, she went on to get her master’s in reading and special education and has taught primary grades in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Amanda retired from teaching after having her first daughter and then had 3 more babies in the next 4 years. When her youngest went to first grade, Travis was in need of some help in his company, so it was the perfect time to come out of retirement and help out. Amanda loves working with Travis and the Robbins Rehab team, while still being an involved mom for Macy, Cade, Delaney, and Harrison.

ACL Rehab


Laser Therapy

Massage Therapy

Movement Mastery

Nutrition Counseling

Pediatric Therapy

Physical Therapy

Sports Rehabilitation

Vestibular Therapy

Workers Compensation


Back Pain & Sciatica

Chronic Pain

Dizziness and Vertigo



Joint Pain

Shoulder Pain

Sports Injuries