Student Education

Student education plays a big part in both the culture and long-term goals of Robbins Rehabilitation West. Our treatment philosophy is centered on the philosophies adopted by the Manual Therapy Institute (MTI), as Travis Robbins completed his fellowship in the American Academy of Manual Physical Therapy through MTI in 2013. MTI stresses finding “the cause of the cause” when evaluating patients and has changed the way we treat them.

One of the main benefits of completing your clinical rotation at Robbins Rehabilitation West is that we have continuing education the first Tuesday of every month from 1-3pm. In class, we look at the latest research and/or learn new treatment techniques and exercises from the MTI or other continuing education courses our therapists have taken. This is very beneficial for our therapists, and we think it is a great learning opportunity for our students.

Our student education program has been extremely successful thus far. We have created our own goals for our student PTs based on our treatment philosophy, but we will use the school’s goals if that is preferred. We are always working on the program’s development, and our student’s feedback is very important to the improvement of our program.

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