Swimming: A Joint-Healthy Way to Perform Cardiovascular Exercise

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One Arm Band Row

Exercise Description: Start by anchoring your resistance band to a eye hook about shoulder height. Holding the resistance band in your right hand, put your left food forward so you are in a...

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Push Up

Exercise Description: Start by being in a tall plank position (with your hands flat on the ground, body straight and being up on your toes). Slowly bend your elbows and lower yourself as far as you...

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Upright Row with Squat

Exercise Description: Anchor your resistance band to the lowest setting on the wall and fold the band in half so you have both ends. Stand with hip about hip width apart – squat down keeping your...

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Forward / Reverse Mammalian Crawling

Exercise Description: Start by being on the ground on hands and knees. Move your right hand and left leg forward, and then do the opposite (left hand and right leg). Continue this movement pattern...

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Supine Lateral Ball Roll

Exercise Description: Start by sitting on a swiss ball. Slowly walk your feet out in front of you while simultaneously leaning your upper body back onto the ball. Continue rolling out until just...

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Band Woodchop

Exercise Description: Start by anchoring your resistance band to a height about the top of a doorframe. Start by standing sideways from the anchor and place your feet wider than hip width apart....

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Small Hops

Exercise Description: Starting with feet about hip width apart, bend your knees slightly and then jump only lifting your feet about an inch or two off the ground. Land softly on the ground and then...

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Single Leg Reach to Foam

Exercise Description: Start by standing on one foot (either one to start) with a slight bend in your knee. Slowly hinge at the hips, kick your opposite leg back and reach for a foam roller (or...

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Band Good Mornings

Exercise Description: Stand on either end of the resistance band with the middle part around your neck / upper back. Keeping feet about hip width apart, grab the band about shoulder height to take...

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Split Squat

Exercise Description: Start by standing upright, take a large step forward with one leg so you are in a “split” stance with the heel of your back foot being raised. Keeping your chest up, slowly...

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